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Baghouse dust bag performance test


  In the field of dust bag, usually likened baghouse will bag the heart of baghouse dust can handle what kind of gas, mainly used to manufacture the bag also depends on the condition of chemical fiber itself. Therefore, we must understand the dust filter bag performance test methods in order to select the most appropriate dust bag. For dust bag, you need to test and test reads as follows: 


1. Visual inspection: Puncture defects, spots, jumpers, disconnection, and other joints.

2. Physical properties: If the dust bag of the mass per unit area, thickness, width, woven tissue, fabric density, bulk density of the nonwoven fabric, porosity.

3. Mechanical properties: If dust bag breaking strength, elongation at break, bag of latitude and longitude to load elongation, filter the bursting strength and so on.

4. Dust features: such as the drag coefficient, static dust removal efficiency, dynamic collection efficiency, filter dynamic resistance, regeneration resistance coefficient and dust separation rate.

5. Special features: such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrostatic properties, such as hydrophobicity.


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