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PTFE sewing thread technical tips


Dear users:
Welcome to use our PTFE sewing thread products, during your operation,you may need to know the following items:
1, This product made by 100% PTFE has excellent heat-resistance , corrosion-resistance and oxidation-resistance,etc.
2,In order to avoid harmful gases, Please do not burn by flame.
3, We use "dtex" as the unit of linear density (a certain quality of unit length )according to the national standard and requirement . 1350 dtex means that the quality of the 10000 meters sewing thread is 1350 g (0.135 g/m).
In China, we often use another linear density unit "den" (Daniel) or “D”, which is the quality of the 9000 m length, so 1 den is equivalent to 0.9 dtex.
4,After sewing PPS filter bags , the resilience of pinhole may be bad and pinhole may be bigger, so we suggest using thinner needles or contact us to get special thread for PPS filter bags.
5, This product is suitable for sewing high-end filter bag made by extrusion with round diameter , evenly stitch, low shrinkage and stable elongation.
In addition, we also supply single needle thread for sewing the top and bottom of filter bag to increase sewing fastness.
6, To guarantee sewing fastness and ensure the life-time of filter bags, all of our threads are made from PTFE yarn and without knot.
7,Because PTFE products are slippery, you can add a little silicone oil if needles skip during operation.
8, Due to the manufacturing process, density deviation and strength deviation will be occurred on the both ends of products.
9, PTFE is irrefragable precious resource with higher value,please pay attention to saving .
10, PTFE waste is non-biodegradable , and will bring pollution to environment . Please collect , and then be recycled by our company.
Sincerely thank you for your support, welcome to put forward valuable opinion on the products.

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