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1. Maintained stable fiber properties under widen temperature range: Long-term using temperature at 280 ℃, 5% weight loss under thermal decomposition temperature is 573 ℃, cannot brittle under liquid helium at -269 ℃.


2. Excellent flame resistance: LOI is greater than 38%, permanent flame retardant. Also has non-melting properties, from the fire can be self-extinguishing, smoke rate is very low, non-toxic.


3. Excellent chemical stability: Polyimide fiber with its aromatic structure, withstanding varieties of common organic solvents and functions of compounds, making polyimide fiber with long service life.


4. Excellent electrical properties: At high temperature, high pressure, high humidity, frequency and under other conditions can still maintain good insulating properties.


5. Good filter performance: Polyimide fiber and superfine fiber, used alone or in combination, can increase the filtration surface area, and improve filtration efficiency.


6. Security: Polyimide fiber has passed the Swiss Textile Testing Institute test oeko-tex100, got the baby confidence level ecological textile certification, which is environmental to developed to baby products.


7. Good weather resistance: UV-resistant, easy to store.

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